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Necromunda is a sprawling, evolving game, and has had a lot of rules published since this verison came out in 2017.

These rules vary across publications, and some even contradict each other. This is where the community has stepped in, and created compilations to keep the game playable.

These abridged rules were created and compiled by Necrodamus, so all credit goes to them for creatiing such a mightly tomb. This version is largely unopinionated, acting as an abridgement. For a grungier take on Necromunda, try out their custom ruleset, Bookromunda. This site has been created with their approval.

The goal of this website is to make the rules easier and more accessible, so Necromunda can reach a wider audience.

All original content is owned by Games Workshop and published here without permission. When you buy a gang, please buy their House/Book as well! Necromunda is all about the narrative, and each book features fantastic backstories and fluff that elevate the title far beyond the core game mechanics.

House Rule

Through these pages you will see House Rules. These are optional, but are suggested to provide a more enjoyable and seamless gaming experience.


YAQ stands for Yaktribe Answered Question, and provides clarification in certain rules that have been agreed upon by the collective community brainstrust over at

PDF Version

This website is simply a transcription of Necrodamus' compiled ruleset.

Updates and discrepancies

This website is maintained separately by servo_scribe, with permission from Necrodamus. As such it will always be behind in any updates within the PDF.

All the content here is copied from the Necrodamus PDF. The PDF will always be the most up-to-date compilation, and is updated faster and more frequently than this site. and if you come across any discrepancies, refer to the PDF for the source of truth.

Feedback and corrections

Any feedback, typos or errors can be sent to