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Armoury & Trading Post

The following pages contain rules for all of the Weapons and Wargear available to gangs and fighters in Necromunda.

These include everything from the Trading Post, gang lists and other scenarios such as gear unique to characters or scenarios.


Merging the Armoury and the Trading Post

Unlike in the 2023 Core Rules, this Section lists all items available in Necromunda.

Each of these pages are divided into two sections: Trading Post at the top, then non-trading post items below.

Items that are available on the Trading Post will be marked with their Availability Level (AL), such as C (Common), R9 (Rarity 9) or I6 (Illegal 6).

Items that are not available on the trading post, but available separately, will be have an AL of *, with details listed below.

For example:

Arc Hammer...*70

* House Orlock

If an items is available to a gang cheaper than on the Trading Post, it is marked as follows. Note that you should reference your Gang Equipment list when creating a gang, as some items are more expensive on their gang lists.


* House Goliath: 25 Credits

Finally, if something was available in the Trading Post but not listed in the 2023 Core Rules, it is marked as follows:


^ Not in the 2023 Core Rules

The rationale from the Core Rules on omitting some items is written below.

Players should note that, unless they are included alongside special ammo types, the various weapons unique to the Clan Houses of Necromunda (such as the advanced las weapons of Van Saar or the iconic polearms of Cawdor) are not included in this list. Such weapons are available only to gangs belonging to the Houses that manufacture them and can be found within the gang’s own equipment lists. Such weapons are not normally available through the Trading Post and gangs of rival Houses would not consider using such weapons. These weapons are so closely linked to the cultural identities of the Houses that using such a weapon is simply not done in Necromundan culture. Profiles and rules for these weapons can be found in the relevant supplements.