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The Trading Post

Some items have a different price in the house lists compared to the Trading Post. This represents the different availability specific to each house. Some items does not have a Trading Post price, these are preciously guarded by each house. Items that have a gang specific price are common to that gang, even if it is Rare at the Trading Post. Items which don’t have a Trading Post price are limited to specific gangs only.

  • Combi-weapons can be upgraded with the same types of ammo as its individual parts.
  • NB: Needler (combi) can take needle rifle ammo.
  • A special variant of a weapon can't take ammo available to the main type (for example Enforcer boltgun can't take boltgun ammo upgrades).
  • Xenos and Corrupted weapons can't be upgraded (gun sights, suspensor etc.) unless otherwise noted.
  • Some items and costs are only available to specific fighters.
  • Some items are only available when fighters are recruited.
  • Double test with the gang’s Equipment list to ensure the price is right and available for the intended fighter.

Item Prefix Legend

-Ammo and other weapon upgrades. This cost does not include the base weapon.
+Specialized weapon variants based on a regular weapon.
*Items marked with an asterix (*) take up 2 weapon slots.
An upgrade that will replace some of the fighter's existing item(s).
italicsItems from the Black Market.
redItems that have unreliable cost.
(X)Item cost in brackets are not available from gang lists at creation, but can be obtained later via the TP or BM.

Gang Legend

GangHouse CawdorHouse DelaqueHouse EscherHouse GoliathHouse OrlockHouse Van SaarGenestealer CultHelot Chaos CultCorpse Grinder CultPalanite EnforcerBadzone EnforcerSlave OgrynOutcastAsh Wastes NomadSquat